The Department of Physical Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Faculty Recruitment
发布日期:2022年05月16日 15:53

The history of physical education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University can be traced back to Nanyang College in 1896,The department has developed a fine educational tradition with “high starting point, solid foundation, strict requirements, and innovation" in the past 120 years.The department collaborated with the University of Minnesota in United States offering joint master training program since 2016,Notably.The subject was ranked 4th in the "Best Sport Science Discipline in China" by Shanghai Ranking in 2020.The subject is rated as level A on the Times Higher Education China Subject Ratings in 2022.

The department focuses on "high-level, internationalization, customized, and service-oriented" principle, and has "Sports Culture Research Center", " Physical Fitness Research Center", "Exercise Health and Technology Center", "Sports Cognitive Psychology Laboratory” and other high-level scientific research platforms, which formed major researches focuses on physical activity and health, university campus sports culture, university sports development strategies, student physical fitness promotion, exercise intervention for chronic diseases, Chinese traditional exercise research, etc. In order to cultivate high-level sports talents who promotes cutting-edge research in several fields of sports from an international perspective and strive to become a first-class, reputational, and distinctive discipline in the field, the Department of Physical Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University sincerely invites talents from China and abroad to join us.


Professor, Associate Professor, Tenure-Track Associate Professor, and Tenure-Track Assistant Professor.

Research Aeras

Sports science and sport-related interdisciplinary subjects, including but not limit to psychology, cognitive neuroscience, pedagogy, journalism and communication, computer science and technology (artificial intelligence), public health and prevention science, etc.

Qualifications and Requirements

1. Professor and Associate Professor

· Served as professors or corresponding positions in world-class universities and disciplines, or won important awards and talent plans, with outstanding performance in teaching, research and social services

· Obtained distinguished research achievements recognized by peers in related fields and has high reputation in academic field.

2. Tenure-Track Associate Professor

· Obtained a doctorate degree in a related field from a first-class university or discipline, with more than three years of relevant work experience

· Applicants should be under 40 years old

· Achieved outstanding scientific research results in related fields and demonstrated a high academic level.

3. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

· Obtained a doctorate degree in a related field from a first-class university or discipline

· Applicants should be under 35 years old

· Obtained certain achievements in related fields and demonstrated great academic potential.


· Adhere to the fundamental tasks of teaching and educating students, with good morality as a teacher, promoting excellent teacher morality and having good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, and being physically and mentally healthy.

· Passionate about teaching in physical education, possess certain sports skills, be competent in the teaching of public physical education courses, and complete the work of teaching, scientific research, discipline construction and social services required by the department.

Remuneration and Benefits

Salary, housing allowance, and other benefits are followed by the university regulations.

Application Materials

1.Personal detailed CV (including educational experience, work experience, academic experience, and teaching and academic achievements)

2.Summary of teaching and research statement

3.Five representative scientific achievements within the last five years

4.Three recommendation letters from peer experts. The recommenders should be well-known experts in the field

5.Relevant certification materials, such as: academic qualifications, degree diploma and certifications, certificates of employment, certificates of scientific research projects, awards, etc, home pages and catalogues of representative works, certificates of other citations, invitation letters for conference reports and specially invited reports notification, etc.


The department accepts application materials all year round and organizes evaluations on a regular basis. Please send application materials to the contact email.

Contact Information

Ms. Sun

Tel.:  +86-21-54747769