SJTU-Fudan “Confrontation” Cultural and Sports Competition to Be Held on May 19
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University Students Confrontation Cultural and Sports Competition organized by the Physical, Hygiene & Arts Education Department of Ministry of Education, will be held on Oriental Land on May 19-20. Shanghai Jiao Tong University paid great attention to this event and set up a leading group and a working group respectively.

Altogether over 700 SJTU students will be involved in this competition, including 500 competitors, 100 volunteers and 100 working staff. The events range from talent show, debate, dragon boat race to bike rally, mini-marathon, triathlon (bike rally, mini-marathon, and laser simulation shooting game) and so on.

On the afternoon of May 15, the mobilization meeting for the Confrontation was held on Jingjing Square, SJTU Minhang Campus. SJTU President Zhang Jie and Vice President Xu Fei were present and presented flags to the six teams.

On the mobilization meeting, President Zhang Jie gave his good wishes to all the competitors and he hoped that all the competitors can pursue their dreams, exhibit their vitality and passion, promote the spirit of cooperation and hard work, and let it be the competition of style, friendship and high level. He was also in hope that this event will be the new start for promoting SJTU spirits.

Under the passionate circumstance and instilled high morale, competitors said they would exert their utmost effort and work hard to strike new records and establish new friendship.

In fact, the cultural and sports competition between renowned universities has a long history and this kind of competition between Oxford and Cambridge Universities has already been held for 158 times. From 1999, the rowing tournament between Tsinghua University and Peking University was held for 10 times. This kind of event exemplifies the exchanges between famous universities and can also be the accelerator in promoting Chinese cultures and sports.

SJTU Vice President Xu Fei said, this competition is a contest in terms of intelligence, physical strength and charisma and can enhance the communication and competition between universities. It will show the healthy and positive mental outlook of college students and a wide variety of cultural and sports life on campus. Furthermore, it will help promote the reform and development of college sports, arts education and will be an important measure in enhancing students all-round development.

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