The Physical Education Department was admitted to grant the master degree in Physical Training in 2001. From the enrollment starting in 2002 to April, 2010, graduate students have been recruited 9 times, near 70 persons. The graduate students graduated in the first 6 years have taken up occupation, among them the majorities were employed by Institutions of higher learning and Sports-related Institutions, and the others went to universities for further their study. The employment rate reached 100 percent. The graduate students graduated from here are widely welcomed by the community.

    There are 8 master instructors, including 5 professors, 3 assistant professors. The academic leaders has strong influences in the country, and among them, one person services in international sports organizations, 5 persons are leaders of some provincial and municipal organizations for PE, one person is the candidates of Shanghai Excellent Young Teacher. Professor Qilin Sun, a master instructor, won the “National Famous Teacher of Colleges and Universities” award in 2006, “President Award” in 2007, “Excellent National Teaching Team” award and “National Excellent Book” award in 2008, and “Shanghai Teacher Model” award in 2009.

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