Sport for All
    Our mass sports activities has excellent traditions, which have been awarded the national and municipal advanced collective groups. For all the mass sports activities could be raised to a new level, university treat student sports federation as the main line , setting up comprehensive university student fitness network.
    Student sports associations are active in organization, with 33 individual sports associations, there are more than 8,000 members, an annual sporting event held in the Tizong Cup series events, Hope Cup,  womens Cup soccer tournament, the graduates Siyuan Cup series, graduate students’ Zhiyuan Cup series, aerobics competition,“12.9” winter running race,  Freshmen Cup sports series, etc Especially the Freshmen Cup series,  every freshman could be able to find a stage to show their talent, competition runs though a semester. Sample survey, the participation rate of freshmen over 96%. Creating a group of popular traditional sports brands which is talked about in school and participated in actively, so that the implementation of internal and external integration has a good organizational guarantee. There are activities for the school week to week, month after month with competitions, creating a good sports atmosphere in the ampus.
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