Party Affair

    General Party Branch of P.E. department was established in 1986, which is directly under the leadership of university party committees as the secondary school party. It has 56 members, comprising four branches.
    Party branch works closely around the university center. A good grasp of the contingent of cadres and party members, and actively carry out ideological and political work, give full play to trade unions, youth, womens groups such as the role of an effort to create unity and harmony and positive atmosphere. Work closely with the executive leadership, unity, cooperation, contact faculty ideological realities, the realities of work; contact actual development of school reform, and further deepen the connotation of the development of new initiatives, new breakthroughs. Lead the majority of staff and students to create a new situation in school physical education.
    Great victory of the 17th meeting pointed out the way forward, we are confident that under the correct leadership of university party committees, in-depth study of Deng Xiaoping Theory, comprehensively implement the Three Represents important thought and the scientific outlook on development; learning theory seriously, and strive to plan to promote the development of ideas, measures and capacity. To carry forward the work style of integrating theory with practice, continue to strengthen the building of spiritual civilization, our insistence on cohesion project, give full play to the role of party members and cadres, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all the comrades of the work, in order to give top-notch university sports efforts.

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