The students, total 165 persons, in the excellent athlete class of the Antai College of Management come from all over the country. Under the proper lead of university party committee and the Department of Physical Education, students study diligently and work hard to master professional knowledge. They have strong ability in foreign languages and computer. They also have flexible and quick thinking, are good at social and are brave to open up their thinking. Furthermore, the students request ideological and political progress. There more than 40 students applied to join the Communist Party of China. In the aspect of sports contest, all students have their strong points, and have won many achievements in basketball, table tennis, swimming, tennis, and badminton. The employment rate of the students graduating from then excellent athlete class reached 100% from 2004 to 2009.
    Focusing on cultivating qualified persons, we will strengthen the ideological and political education of students, and try to make the excellent athlete class of the Antai College of Management be a highlight in the spiritual civilization building and campus civilization building.
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