Our physical education curriculum inherited sports thought:powerful nation and body, advocating culture, paying attention to sports, Healthy and upward, Carrying out reform and innovation .college physical education was rated national fine-designed courses, rated national excellent teaching team.
    Courses adhere to the teaching thoughtFitness First, establishing the teaching idea Students foremost, constructing the new teaching system which has content of lifelong sports consciousness and ability, aiming at physical and mental health of students , Exploring new teaching mode “Combining both inside and outside the classroom, integration of teaching scientific research and competition, integration of school and society” actively. P.E runs through the whole education course of undergraduate, graduate and foreign students, Implementation of student online choosing course,teacher and time, blend in complete credit system.
    Developing natural, social and campus sports resources actively, Formed various types of curriculum system, designated required courses, elective courses ,seminars, also formed national tradition course,  modern athletics and fashion, etc. Programmes increased from 14 to 34, in order to meet the needs of students selection。Meanwhile, Developing and utilizing social and natural resources, has opened the field diathesis developing skills and the tricks and range course, field diathesis developing skills and the tricks was selected as the Shanghai exquisite course.
    Exploring the integrated operation mode continuously, making full use of all kinds of sports contest resources, opening various referee training classes, Embodying the actual effect of combining theory with practice,Using the opportunity of large group exercise in school sports games combining the course of laying out with teaching and assessment closely, obtaining good effects.
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