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    Shanghai Jiaotong University which has a history of more than 110 years also has a long history of attaching importance to physical education, Passing on the tradition。Into the new century, around the historic goal of building world-class university, Reference on the philosophy of universities home and abroad, adhere to the health first and lifetime sports education thought, physical education curriculum reform and innovation yielded fruitful results, spoke highly by ministry of education and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, has played the special features in personnel training. In 2001 won the national outstanding teaching achievement awards in 2002, won the national outstanding teaching material award in 2004, University Sports was named the national quality courses.in 2008 won state-level teaching team, won the National Mass Sports advanced group. for three times. won national college sports Top Ten Presidents Cupfor 5 consecutive times In 2006, introducing physical education experience at national conference and to the Ministry of Education, Jiaotong University’s experience was presented to Central Political Bureau. Head of Physical Education Department,Professor Sun Qilin was awarded Baogang Fund National Excellent Teacher Grand Prize in 2004  He was named the national teaching masters in 2006, selected as the judge of  National Social Science Fund,in 2009

    Jiao tong University has established a sports research institute, College Student Physical Health Test Center, Table Tennis International Exchange Center, Sports Culture Research Base of State Sports General Administration and University Sports Federation, set up the Physical Education and Training and sports professional masters degree. In classroom teaching, mass sports, competitive sports, scientific research, have achieved all-round development, Forming four initiatives curricular and extracurricular, school and outside, universal and improvement, combining of research, teaching and training forming a new construction and development system course as the core, population-based, competitive for the highlights, research-driven .

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